10/15/2016 3:48am

We all should have some kind of passion because life is meaningless without it and surely it gives you a life. I believe we should live with full joy and happiness because memories never die.

07/30/2017 8:46pm

Directions mean many things in life. If I would talk about, I'd refer to directions as my path in life. I always wonder where my life is headed. It's hard for me to think of what my future would be like because I am always bombarded with many questions. But I believe that no matter how lost we get, we will always be able to find ourselves at the end of the road that God intended us to journey on.

09/09/2017 9:57pm

For us to be able to succeed in a field we chose to enter, there should always be a passion in it. You will not succeed if you don't put your heart, mind, body, and soul to everything that you do! The message of the video was so strong that it affected me. Right now, I am so encouraged to do better. I I know that I am doing good right now but I realized that there is more I can do if I will be more passionate about my craft right now!

Directions for me, is a matter of being able to know where you are heading at. Directions are the symbol of being prepared with what is ahead of us. And being able to know what is ahead of us will surely make us successful in the end. We must always remember that we will only be able to achieve anything of this if only we learn how to plan at the first part of the game. You should always be ready to make things clear even before starting the race.


I am glad I found this website. You are very good at podcasting. Keep it up.

06/09/2017 12:11am

I like such podcasts so much! That is something really cool and useful! Thanks!


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